VIP Benefits & Services


V.I.P. Benefits & Services


Our V.I.P. Service Department is dedicated to one thing: taking care of our Member’s needs. Whether you require transportation, international drink orders*, golf carts*, restaurant reservations*, local attraction tickets*, scheduling for a special event, or anything else, our trained professionals are ready to assist you. We visit our Members each day in their villas and call daily to all other accommodations to ensure that you are receiving the V.I.P. Service you deserve.

*Depends on level of membership.


Restaurants & Bars

Your meals are prepared by international gourmet chefs in a multitude of on-property, all-included restaurants – or in your own villa upon request. In addition to access to all of our many restaurants and bars, Members enjoy unlimited V.I.P. access to our a la carte restaurants and V.I.P. bars.

In-Villa Chefs

Our Members have access to phenomenal personal chefs, prepared to serve you something special in your very own villa. Planning a party? Member-only special services include in-villa cooks, servers, bartenders, and mixologists.

Exclusive Entertainment

Far more than the ordinary, our V.I.P. entertainment lineup includes a fabulous Members-only Welcome Party, our Café Del Mar Party, Vegas-style shows, a variety of special events, and access to The Colosseum and ICE Nightclub.

Unlimited Beverages

All of our Members can enjoy house wine with their meals, plus all of our beer, spirits, cocktails, juices, and soft drinks from the many guest and VIP bars on any of our properties during your stay. Now that’s all-in luxury service!

Transportation Services

From helicopters to limo pick-up at the airport and specialized V.I.P. transportation options including golf carts and shuttle services, we are ready to provide you with exceptional transportation throughout your stay.