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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is pleased to participate as important sponsors for exciting annual events in the Dominican Republic.

Kids Christmas Party

Christmas Eve Gala

New Year's Eve Party

Welcome Party!

Join the party at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. As an added feature, we are pleased to host a weekly party, to let you just know how important our VIPs are to us. Fabulous food, delicious drinks, live musical performances, energetic dancing, fireworks and more combine in a tropical setting to create fun for all – held at each of our resorts, every week. Stop by for an hour, or stay for the night… It’s a can’t-miss experience designed to fit your Lifestyle!


Join the party at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. As Held each year during February and into March, Carnival in the Dominican Republic is a celebration that reaches its high point on February 27th, the Dominican Independence Day. Each Sunday, a different city organizes its parade, showcasing many multicultural influences, including a strong Spanish vibe and characters from African cultures along with traditions from other countries. These exhilarating parades combine the rhythm of music and dance with colorful characters and costumes to create something truly unique and utterly enjoyable. High-energy excitement, vibrant people, lively dancing, thrumming drums and music all mix to create a fully festive atmosphere that pervades the entire country during this season.


Puerto Plata Runs 10K!

We join the city of Puerto Plata to encourage its growth Puerto Plata Runs 10K! A career that motivates a healthy lifestyle and brings benefits to the retirement home in Puerto Plata. The growth of the city of Puerto Plata is important for us, that is why we support the 10K run that benefits the Puerto Plata Asylum.