Dubai, UAE

Presidential Suites

Dubai, UAE

Six incredible and extraordinary resorts and hotels all found in one unique location.

Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club introduces you to The Habtoor Collection in Dubai. Here we welcome world travelers to experience our innovative hospitality, sophisticated style, and exceptional service.

Our elegant collection of properties is set in one of the world’s most exotic destinations and features choice accommodations, world-class amenities, and promises a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

Discover a new travel experience where perfection just…happens.


The Tourist Mecca Of the World

Welcome to Dubai, undeniably one of the most exceptional cities in the world. Rivaled only by New York City is hosting a variety of different cultures and ethnicities, this city is a traveler’s paradise! Rich in diverse experiences, Dubai is the sports capital of the UAE and hosts such activities like golf, tennis, horse races, camel races, boating, as well as sailing.

This Arabian oasis provides travelers with historic sights, ultra-modern architecture, and a vast array of local attractions and culinary experiences. This worldy melting pot offers fun from sea to sand and guarantees each visitor a culturally enriching, once in a lifetime vacation!

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